A fun day at Octoberfest

Today was a lovely overcast mild day for our Neighborhood park Octoberfest, and I got to tell some of my favorite stories.

"The Round Red House", is definitely one of my favorites with a great surprise ending.

and inside the round red house was the star!

"hello...This is ze Viper..."

I think the parents enjoyed the stories as much as the kids.

And finally, the last story:
The Bakeshop Ghost.


Oktoberfest at Sunnyside Gardens Park
Saturday October 5, 2013—Noon to 5pm
48-21 39th Avenue Sunnyside, NY 11104

Sunnyside Gardens Park is hosting it's 7th Annual Oktoberfest with Wine, Beer & Bratwurst in our picnic grove, lots of arts & crafts, and our huge Pumpkin Patch!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today's Story Hour had several themes, the most obvious being Leprechauns and St. Patrick's day.  Since the parade was held yesterday...in the snow, many kids came out to hear stories and do some crafts at the Village Book Nook.

I began with the story of Patrick O'Donnel, who gets tricked by that wee little man leprechaun.
Then I read some books:

Too Many Leprechauns  by Stephen Krensky and Dan Andreasen

A Fine St. Patrick's Day by Susan Wojciechowski and Tom Curry

Then since the history of 8th Street to me is that of a place once lined with shoe stores, I ended with the all time kids favorite
Pete the Cat- I love my white shoes by James Dean and Eric Litwin

This concludes the Story Hour at the Village Book Nook.  The exhibit is to close next Saturday March 23rd, but there is talk of it extending thru April...
photo credit Ann Price

We Shall See...

Join me in two weeks at the Center for Book Arts Family Day in conjunction with the Exhibit "Brother can you Spare a Stack"!

Second Story Hour at the Village Book Nook

This week's book topic was Prince and Princesses.


The Princess of 8th Street by Linas Alsenas
Clever Jack Takes the Cake by  Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas
The Princess and the Pizza by  Mary Jane Auch and Herm Auch

Unlike last week, we began with a handful of girls sitting still and listening to the stories.  The books I selected were a good mix, and there were a a lot of clever bits sprinkled into them so that the adults could enjoy the stories.  And as Hiro says..."very good parodies!"

Total head count of kids was a whopping 14 by the end, perfect amount for the space, and in fact got a bit rambunctious when the boys arrived. 

One girl named Mazie, lived on 8th Street, so the first book was a perfect fit for her and the neighborhood.  I think she felt extra special, and was a bit disappointed when she realized that everyone got a book bag and not just her- the princess of 8th street.

Clever Jack takes the Cake is such a perfect book for kids in this day and age, with all the allergies going on, and all the birthday parties we parents are subjected to going to... trying to figure out what to bring as gifts.

And my all time favorite Princess and the Pizza... is a perfect New York kinda story about how pizza came to be...and all your favorite princesses make appearances, and not always in a good light.

Our after story craft was to make crowns, and even though our good pal Maya and Kira already came in wearing crowns, (since they are lovely princesses after all)  everyone had fun sprawled out on the floor cutting, gluing and coloring.  I think at one point some of the grown-ups were having more fun being a kid on this sunny Sunday afternoon!
reading the Princess and the Pizza

The ever talented maker of fabulous pop-up books- Sam Ita and his family join in the fun.

The crown made by the littler Princess of 8th Street.

Hope to see everyone again next Sunday for St. Patty's Day stories and projects!!!!!

Join us for Story Time for the next three sundays!

Today was the first of three Storytime at the Exhibit space where I have the Village Book Nook installation. 
There will be another one next Sunday at 1pm as well as on St. Patrick's day.

So please stop by 24 West 8th street, New York, NY!

Taking a jaunt outside of the Neighborhood to Greenwich Village

My book "curating" project will be expanding outside of the Woodside Neighborhood for a while to Greenwich Village, where  a Book Nook will be set up as a part of an Exhibition called-
installation shot by Jessica Wallen

 24 West 8th Street
New York, NY

This exhibition is sponsored by No Longer Empty:

please stop by the opening on Friday February 22nd from 7-pm!
There will be Storytime scheduled as part of the show every Sunday for the duration of the Exhibit,
so stop by on Sundays at 1pm!
Hope to see you soon!
The Laundromat Book Cart will still be up during this time.