Some more dates have been added to the Story Time readings.
Come join us for stories and prizes!

September 17th and October 1st

Also, you can enter the Coloring Contest by printing out the page from the Coloring/Activity book link at the top of this page and submitting it to the box at the Launtromat.

A more prominent place

The other day the Staff at the Laundromat 55 decided to move things around a bit.  Now the video game has been moved into the back nook where the books used to be and the book cart has been moved closer to the front of the space, with more chairs surrounding it.  It's nice to see that they have really adopted the cart and now consider it a permanent fixture to their business.


I found this little note taped to the cart today:
 It says "children book from 6-8"
Someone really likes to play Librarian.

Today I replenished the book cart with another 50 books, making the total thus far to 194.  Before today's addition  there were 91 books remaining, .  But on top of the 91 of my books, another 30 books had been added to the cart.  I brought the new pile home to register them into the project with a bookplate and number.  This evening I will go back and put back 28 of them. 

The 8 that I am not going to put back are:
1 book that makes sounds with dead batteries.
2 books about winter (which I plan to put back on the cart in the Fall)
1 book on Thanksgiving (again put back in October)
and the 4 books I am still debating about.

These 4 books are Christian books.  Not books about Adam and Eve, or Noah's ark, not even about Jesus.  No, they are books with titles like: "Because I Love You", and "With You All the Way".
They are all written by Max Lucado and if you go to his website, he tells you that, (He) "exists for the sole purpose of encouraging others to take one step closer to Jesus Christ."  I've only read two of them so far, but basically there is a protagonist that is weak somehow and needs someone stronger to save him....

I am reluctant to put these books back on the shelf because it seems like these books are proselytizing, which is not what the project is about.  Occasionally I find bible verses pamphlets in Korean or Jehovah's witness literature hiding between ScoobyDoo and Winnie the Pooh, and I will take them and pitch them.  So is this any different?  Or am I participating in a form of censorship???