When to do laundry...when to do storytime?

To begin thinking about what time and day of the week to schedule a weekly storytime, I made a poll. see the column on the right. 

I hope to get at least 5-10 kids at least at one time.
I hope.


Before releasing the books to the Laundromat, you need to tag them with a book plate.  Every book must have it's unique code so that it can be traced. 

Today was going to be a studio building day for my book cart, but I realized I don't have enough lumber to do that, so I'm back at the computer designing a bookplate to affix to all the outgoing books.

Here is my first design:  with an image of Hiro reading In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak.

follow the books

Tonight while looking for free or cheap books online to distribute for the project, I came across this site:


where you can actually put a code on your book before letting it free, track it to see where it goes, and who reads it. This will only work if the finders log onto the Book Crossing website and input the required info.  Hey it's worth a shot to see where the books end up!

I love this idea as it turns the world into a public library.

The Woodside Alphabet (first draft)

A is for Arch, standing stiff as starch
B is for the Bell that once clanged on the Sylvan Dell
C is for Caduceus, with two snakes intertwined in bliss
D is for doughboy, in WW I his gun he did employ
E is for eagles, but don’t confuse them with seagulls
F is for flag that the wind likes to wag
G is for graffiti, found in areas that are seedy
    Written for his sweetie
H is for harpoon, best used under a full moon in June
I is for Irish tavern, where yummy hamburgers turn
J is for juice refreshingly chartreuse
    Made with lots of produce
K is for kindergarten, with smiling children within
K is for Katy the clown, with never a frown
L is for lions roaring at O’Brien
M is for music, played quickly when homesick
N is for neon that goes off and on
O is for Open Air Stage with performances under a cage
P is for pyramid, a glass and metal hybrid
Q is for Quran studied without shoes over a life span
R is for Red Rose , smell the delicious aroma with your nose
S is for Shamrock found near the cross walk
T is for Trophy received for winning football, or a spelling bee
U is for Uniform, seen at St. Sebastian’s it’s the norm
V is for Virgin Mary, lovely statuary
W is for Wave, and while in water, please behave
X is for X marks the spot, in the middle of QB like it or not
Y is for Yams, good side dish for ham or clams?
Z is for Zephyrus, who blew the west wind onto us.