Donated Coloring Books to PS11

This morning I had an epiphany.  As I was taking our son to summer camp in Manhattan, we passed a group of children all wearing orange t-shirts.  The shirts were day camp shirts for Woodside on the Move, that meet every day at PS11.

After I dropped of my son at his school, I immediately went to PS11 and met Justin Petropoulos, who runs the summer camp, as well as the after school program there.

I told him about my project and offered some coloring books for the campers.  He was thrilled, and told me if I wanted to, just to give ALL of the remaining books to him so he can have them for the after school kids as well.


Story Time at the Woodside Library

Through August 16th at the Woodside Library

Here are some photos from the first Storytime I did for K-1st graders a few weeks ago.
It was a hot hot hot 98 degree day and 30 kids showed up and had some fun!
come join us every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and get your free Woodside coloring book!

photos taken by Kunio Suzuki- who dropped in from Japan

Hot Hot Summer is here.

July Update:

It's been a busy beginning of summer for the project.
In late spring I received a grant from the Queens Council for the Arts to make a larger edition of the coloring/activity books.

In June I had 2000 copies printed - not on my humble ink jet printer but through an actual printer- Lin Co.  in Long Island City.  What an improvement!

In July I received another grand, this time from Printed Matter.

I began taking a Storytime course through Pratt School of Library Science to improve my skills on that front.  Practiced by giving a toast at my best friend Rob's wedding.

Number of books released the last few months- 95, making it a total of 610 titles, though there are no where near that many remaining at the Laundromat.

I approached the children's librarian, Ms. Helen,  at the Woodside branch and will begin doing Storytime next wednesday, hoping to continue for the rest of the month.
So if you have K-1st graders with nothing to do on a Wednesday afternoon or want to get out of the heat from 2:30-3:30, drop by the Woodside Library!

February- random stuff.

At the beginning of the year, I brought a stack of posters of three girls reading, titled "The Fairy Tale" by an artist named Walther Firle to Mr. Lee, the manager of the Laundromat. 
He promptly hung one up over the book cart, officially marking my book cart area a sort of nook.

Today I brought over 27 new books for the cart, and weeded out the damaged ones.

Then I was interviewed by Carlos Martinez, who is working on a radio show...Some nice press for the project I hope.

A woman from Slovania told me that there is another laundromat nearer to her, but she and her daughter come to Laundromat 55 because of the books.