August 15th

There have been 694 books released to the Laundromat Book Cart as of today.
Also there is a Book Fairy that occasionally drops off books to the cart.
I believe they are either a teacher or a librarian associated with
PS11 since a lot of these mystery books have the school stamp on them.

August 1st

 Another weekend away to Buffalo, NY got 120 more books, found at yard sales and thrift stores.
Tomorrow we release another 102 books to the Laundromat to replenish what has gone missing and take another inventory.

July 9th
After one week:
 The books seem to have been well thumbed through and read.  Everyday, either Harley or I go to check and organize the shelves.  As of today, there are 32 books gone, and one addition- a hardcover from PS11, which should be returned.  I put out 31 more books making the total 143 books released.

June 24th
Last weekend, we took a trip up to Buffalo to visit family.  While there, we stopped at some thrift shops and I acquired 82 books and spent a grand total of $35.50.

May 17th
The first stack of books came from Materials for the Arts.  I got about 3 big boxes, some new.  Will have to return once a month and check their supply!

The second stack of books:  Trolling on Free Cycle NY, I came across this stack, given away by a woman who lives in the Lefrak city apartment complexes.  The free books probably ended up costing about $10 since I drove around lost in Corona Queens, with gas going for $4.10 per gallon.