Spur of the moment Storytime....not such a good idea.

So this evening, after dinner, we ventured over to the Laundromat to do an impromptu reading.  Last Sunday there seemed to be several children there, so I thought, why not try for our first Storytime tonight.  Well, what I realized is that people are not creatures of habit, especially during the summer.
So I will put up posters advertising a reading for next week sometime.  I will shoot for Wednesday afternoon/early evening...Stay tuned.

We wait around by reading some books, hoping some children will show up to do laundry with their parents.

We choose a dessert from the vending machine.

Then Harley reads the ingredients for the creamsicle to Hiro.
Thus, concludes our first reading.....

On this 90 degree evening, we could have done worse, than to sit in an air conditioned laundromat and had ice cream!

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