The Woodside Alphabet (first draft)

A is for Arch, standing stiff as starch
B is for the Bell that once clanged on the Sylvan Dell
C is for Caduceus, with two snakes intertwined in bliss
D is for doughboy, in WW I his gun he did employ
E is for eagles, but don’t confuse them with seagulls
F is for flag that the wind likes to wag
G is for graffiti, found in areas that are seedy
    Written for his sweetie
H is for harpoon, best used under a full moon in June
I is for Irish tavern, where yummy hamburgers turn
J is for juice refreshingly chartreuse
    Made with lots of produce
K is for kindergarten, with smiling children within
K is for Katy the clown, with never a frown
L is for lions roaring at O’Brien
M is for music, played quickly when homesick
N is for neon that goes off and on
O is for Open Air Stage with performances under a cage
P is for pyramid, a glass and metal hybrid
Q is for Quran studied without shoes over a life span
R is for Red Rose , smell the delicious aroma with your nose
S is for Shamrock found near the cross walk
T is for Trophy received for winning football, or a spelling bee
U is for Uniform, seen at St. Sebastian’s it’s the norm
V is for Virgin Mary, lovely statuary
W is for Wave, and while in water, please behave
X is for X marks the spot, in the middle of QB like it or not
Y is for Yams, good side dish for ham or clams?
Z is for Zephyrus, who blew the west wind onto us.

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